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Next Chapter Meeting - June 24, 2018

 I just wanted to let everyone know that Steve Ewalt passed his private pilot check ride today. I am very proud of him and he has accomplished something he has dreamed about his whole life. Congrats again and a job well done!!! 




June Speaker - Kyle Mickelwait 

 Kyle Mickelwait, one of our very own chapter member's will be discussing and speaking on FAA BasicMed.  Kyle has recently under gone this new process to regain his flight medical status and it is fresh in his mind.  He will be sharing with us his first hand experience and knowledge of BasicMed. 

Kyle, earned his private pilot's license in 2001 and his B.S. in Aerospace Engineering in 2002 from Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University. He has worked as an Airframe Design Engineer on various Sikorsky helicopter types and recently found a niche applying his aerospace skills to respiratory products with the E.D. Bullard Company bringing him to Cynthiana, KY. Kyle was recently medically qualified to fly under BasicMed and is getting back into flying with the
Cynthiana Flying Club.


May Guest Speaker

Colonel Roger Purcell

Colonel Purcell served as an Air Force Weapons Systems Officer on F-4 Phantoms in Vietnam.  He later was selected to attend pilot training school where he flew a number of aircraft including the Vought A-7 Corsair.  Colonel Purcell continued his military career in the Air Command flying the F-16 Fighting Falcon.  Recently, Colonel Purcell retired from the Harrison Co. High School where he taught the Air Force Jr. ROTC classes for the past 20 years.


Harrison Co. Schools Visit Airport





March Guest Speaker 

Dave Hempy - Kre8Now

Kre8Now Makerspace is a community workshop. Where like minded individuals gather to collaborate on various projects in order to learn from each other, share knowledge, and promote community and economic development. Our members are a mix of local artists, engineers, tradesmen, designers, inventors, business people, educators and economic developers. Kre8Now Makerspace provides its members and the surrounding community with equipment, tools, supplies, and classes to help build almost anything you can imagine!


February Chapter Meeting  

Potato Soup Dinner and the Showing of "The Feathered Edge" the story of R.A. Bob Hoover



Jeff Smith - January Guest Speaker


 Robert Riggs - November Guest Speaker 

Robert is a pilot, flight instructor, a founder and current board member of the Kentucky Aviation Association.




 Josh Underwood - September Guest Speaker 

Josh is the physics and aerospace teacher at Mason County High School.  He is a 17 years teaching veteran with experience teaching grades from seventh to twelfth and content from geometry and chemistry to integrated science and AP physics.  The latest addition of content has placed him as the facilitator for MCHS's aerospace program.  It is this role that has him excited to have made connections to the EAA.  He is looking forward to the knowledge and resources that this group can share with the students as they begin to explore the world of aviation.


You do not have to be a pilot or aircraft owner, just have an interest in Aviation.

We meet on the 4th Sunday of every month at 2:30pm, generally in the terminal building conference room or in the airport hangar when weather permits.

Cynthiana-Harrison County Airport

40 Airfield Lane
Cynthiana, KY 41031

Williamstown Independent High School

 Air and Space Academy

         September 20, 2016

EAA Chapter 1522 had the pleasure of giving Young Eagles flights to the Williamstown High School Aerospace class. Wonderful day of flying with a wonderful group of students.



Young Eagles Flights

with Scouts 



September 3, 2016

We had the pleasure of spending the day with a few Boy Scouts from Troop 473 from Lexington.  They participated in an Aviation Merit Badge Class and took a Young Eagles Flight. Gordon Davis and Kyle Mickelwait teaming up together to teach the Boy Scouts Aviation Badge.


 Darryl Conway -  August Guest Speaker

Darryl will be flying in and talking about his Murphy Moose.  This is a 400 HP monster that he built.






Williamstown Independent High School 


Williamstown Independent High School 



June 11, 2016

                     Kids Fly Free

10am - 2pm



       Aviation Day

                 April 16, 2016

 Dog darn good day! 

Link to more photos: Photo Gallery


Chapter Meeting - April 24, 2016


 Dayton Air Force Museum Trip

 Jan 15, 2016



You do not have to be a pilot or aircraft owner, just have an interest in Aviation.

We meet on the 4th Sunday of every month at 2:30pm, generally in the terminal building conference room or in the airport hangar when weather permits.

Cynthiana-Harrison County Airport

40 Airfield Lane
Cynthiana, KY 41031


Cynthiana Flying Club


 For the past couple EAA meetings we have been kicking around the idea of
starting a flying club at the Cynthiana Airport.   A local flying club would
open up opportunities for licensed pilots who don’t own an aircraft to fly
economically.   Also, it would help those who are wishing to pursue flying
lessons.  We generally have an instructor or two available, however not airplane to train in.  An affordable airplane at the airport has come available for sale that would be perfect for a flying club.   This window is short and we need to move on it quickly.  I have already contacted AOPA Aircraft Financing concerning the purchase of a club airplane.  I was told by AOPA that they have several different loan options even to newly formed flying clubs.   So things look promising.  I’m setting up a meeting this Sunday at 2:30pm in terminal building for those who are interested in forming a flying club at the Cynthiana Airport.  If you think you might be interested, please contact me so I can know the interest level.  I figure we need about 8 people to commit, to make this happen affordably.

AOPA has put together a guide for starting a Flying Club.  See website below.


Douwe Blumberg -  October's Guest Speaker

 Douwe built and flies the most beautiful and unique
Pietenpol I have ever seen.  Douwe is quite the artist and craftsman inside and outside the hangar.  You see, Douwe is an artist, a sculpture by profession. 
His sculptures can be seen thought out our country.  Locally he is known for sculpting the Flight 5191 Memorial which has been placed at the Arboretum in Lexington. Douwe has brought the same artistry and craftsmanship from his world of sculpting to the building of his Pietenpol.  Douwe will be sharing with the group what went into building his extremely creative Pietenpol.


Lee Bottom Fly_In 2015






Community Safety Day & Young Eagles








Danny Mortensen

  Our EAA Chapter Dinner will be Saturday January 17 at 6pm.  The dinner will be

held at Biancke's Restaurant, downtown Cynthiana,(102 South Main Street). Guest speaker will be Danny Mortensen.  Danny, a former air traffic controller until Patco strike in '81. Former corporate pilot (Cessna Citation). Former pylon air racer - won the Gold in Reno in 1990 in the biplane class. Former builder - AMSOIL Rutan Racer. Former world record holder - speed and altitude. Retired from an airline training dept. Owner of a 1940 Waco cabin biplane. Master of
Ceremonies - Theatre in the Woods for 25 years.

Please contact me if you plan to attend and how many. This will help us to plan accordingly. I hope everyone will be able to make it, friends and family are invited as well.  Just like last year, we will be ordering off the menu.

Steve Marcozzi - November's Guest Speaker

Steve works as is the Manager of the Airport Inspections Branch at Kentucky Department of Aviation






   October Guest Speaker Dorian Walker




Dorian Walker speaking at the October Chapter Meeting and Chili Dinner. We truly appreciated Dorian and his wife Elaine driving all the way from Bowling Green, KY to speak to our group. Dorian gave a wonderful presentation of the histroy of the Curtiss Jenny and his experience rebuilding one.


Dorian Walker with his JN4 Curtis Jenny stopped in to refuel.  Dorian restored the Jenny and filmed a documentary that is being aired on KET Oct 7, 9pm. The Jenny was restored and is hangared in Bowling Green, KY 


Friends  of   Jenny    website:

See more Jenny Pictures 




Jim Wilson Races at Reno


Jim Wilson takes 3rd place in the Sport Medallion Class on his first trip out to Reno.  Congradulations Jim, Chapter 1522 is very proud of you.


Mad River Fly-In  (I54)


 Bob Hufford and Roy Roller flew up to the Mad River Fly-In just north of Springfield, OH. Mad River is a beautiful grass runway.





Lee Bottom Fly-In

  Lots of Buzzing the field


Lee Bottom Morning

View more Lee Bottom photos


Oshkosh 2014




Oshkosh group enjoying dinner at a local old fashion root beer stand

Gordon Davis, Dennis Honma, Matt Dezee, Donna Parr, Jim Wilson

View more Oshkosh photos


Flight of Passage


Gordon Davis with N4971H

 Chris Nesin and Gordon Davis with N4971H


This is the actual Piper Cub (N4871H)  that Kern and Rinker Buck at the age of 15 and 17 flew from New Jersey to California in 1966.  Later Rinker Buck wrote a book  "Flight of Passage" which recounted their coast to coast adventure. N4971H was resently restored by Chris Nesin.


Chris and his wife April resently retraced the historic flight the Buck brothers did with 71H

 "Flight of Passage" is a wonderful book and must read for any aviation enthusiast.

For more info on Retracing "Flight of Passage"

2014 Young Eagle Pilots

Flew 248 kids on June 14,2014


Michael Kaba -                                                           2014 EAA Aviation Camp Scholarship Recipient

Introducing, Michael Kaba. Michael is a 14 year old freshman at Harrison Co. High School.  Four years ago Michael took his first airplane ride through the Young Eagles Program in Cynthiana and has since developed a growing interest in aviation.  Michael has become a familiar face at the airport and can be found most weekends spending time helping with projects and hanging out with local pilots. This year the entire Kaba family volunteered to help with the Young Eagles Rally; serving in the Kids Activity area painting faces and building gliders with the kids.  Currently Michael is working toward his dream of getting his pilot's license.  He is participating in the EAA next steps program and is studying for his written exam.  Each year, based on credits earned through the National Young Eagles Program, local EAA chapters have the opportunity to send a youngster to the EAA Aviation Academy Camp in Oshkosh.  EAA Chapter 1522 has chosen to send Michael Kaba this year.  Michael is excited and will be leaving for camp July 7th.  Congratulations Michael!


Michael Kaba Returns from EAA Aviation Academy

Young Eagles Annual Rally







 Free Airplane Rides For Kids!


  WKYT - Channel 27 Coverage of Young Eagles 2014




Aviation Day "Wings and Wheels"


Dreams Take Flight With Young Eagles

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